Patriots make history ahead of 2024 season, but not for good reason

New England Patriots OTA Offseason Workout
New England Patriots OTA Offseason Workout / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Throughout the two decades of dominance by the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady-led Patriots, it wasn't often that they were not favored in a game. The six-time Super Bowl Champions were a threat to every team every single year, no matter their records or hot streaks.

Since the legendary quarterback left the team four years ago, the team's fate has dramatically changed. They've seen more losses than wins, while Brady won another Lombardi with the Buccaneers.

The 2020 season was expected to be the toughest of all, as it was the first year without Brady, and Cam Newton was chosen to step into his massive shoes. Although the record book will tell you it wasn't a great season, it was a year filled with close losses that could have ended much differently had small but game-defining mistakes not been made.

The following year started the Mac Jones era, which kicked off without a hitch. The rookie led the team back to the playoffs after missing them the year before, and it looked like they had found their next franchise quarterback.

Unfortunately, we know how the next two years went and how the Patriots continued to fall from their pedestal, inevitably bringing them to their unfavorable stance in the NFL this offseason. It's such a change in fate that they've made history because of it, but not for good reason.

The Patriots are not expected to win much during the 2024 season

When the 2024 schedules were announced, it was abundantly clear that New England would be in for a rough ride. They are among the teams with the toughest strength of schedules for the season ahead, which doesn't bode well with a team amidst a rebuild potentially led by a rookie quarterback.

To make matters worse, they're not favored in a single game during the 18-week season, which is unfamiliar territory for the historically successful franchise.

It's a lot for new head coach Jerod Mayo to take on at the start of his tenure, replacing Belichick on the sidelines, but the team seems to have a good attitude despite it. Based on social media posts by the players, they appear to be in better spirits than the previous two offseasons and are ready for the challenge the 2024 season will bring.

Having a good mindset and a lot of heart might not necessarily win them games this fall, but the cards are stacked against them. Heading into what might be a forgettable year, it's good to see they're not adopting a pessimistic attitude, especially since the media is painting them as the joke of the league.

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