Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a Taylor Swift fan, apparently

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Bill Belichick's latest appearance on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show" on Monday morning is creating headlines for many reasons.

Outside of the typical conversation surrounding the state of the New England Patriots as they prepare for the 2023 season, the head coach talked about attending one of Taylor Swift's concerts during her Eras tour in May. The famous artist sold out three back-to-back shows at Gillette Stadium, which saw many Patriots players in attendance as well as Belichick.

So, of course, he had to be asked what he thought of Swift and if he enjoyed the show. Because he is firstly a football coach, Belichick couldn't help but mention the inclement weather during one of Swift's shows, proving her toughness as she played through it the entire show.

"That was pretty impressive. She’s tough, man. Just stood out there and played right through it."

In a follow-up question, he was asked if he would officially call himself a Swiftie, which Taylor's fans call themselves. He coyly wondered if that meant you owned a sweatshirt from the show, which was met with the hosts' laughter. They clarified it meant more if you could sing some of the lyrics to her songs and revealed her fans are so dedicated that many were selling rainwater from the show on eBay for a lot of money.

Belichick then certified himself as a Swiftie, referencing one of his apparent favorite songs by Swift and how it applies to life more often than not.

"Look, I'm definitely on the 'you gotta calm down.' That's pretty good, like... there's a lot of times when that's very appropriate."

It's always fun to hear a more human side to Belichick since he's almost always in football mode, for obvious reasons. But it's enjoyable to see more of his sense of humor that many current and former Patriots players have pointed out and complimented over the years that not many people know about or experience.