Patriots have made the right moves to be optimistic about 2024 offense

Improvements have been made in a few key areas
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The New England Patriots have essentially completed preparations for the 2024 season. The offense is the issue here. One glaring omission, not dealing with the feeble left tackle position, is well-known. Others, like uncertainty at guard, are also prevalent, as is the lack of a true No. One receiver.

Yet, despite the deficiencies, clear attempts to address the offensive weaknesses have been made this offseason, and the new personnel head, Eliot Wolf, should be commended. He has, unlike his predecessor, made a concerted effort to remedy some obvious shortcomings.

Three positions that should improve an offense near the bottom of the NFL in 2023 have been addressed. While improvement should be a given, several additions may present an opportunity for significant progress, if not a watershed of advancement.

Here, we'll explore these three positions and see if they may make enough of a difference in the lackluster Patriots' offense to propel them to a winning season if not more. One addition has that potential, so let's get right to the discussion of Mr. Wolf's best offseason move on offense or anywhere else, for that matter.

Drafting Drake Maye is the Patriots' best 2024 offseason move

In the NFL, when you need a quarterback, you get one. There should be no debate about the importance of having the best you can on your squad. When you have that deficiency, there are three top quarterbacks in the draft, and you have the third pick overall, and you've hit the jackpot. Not that all of the top QBs selected work out; they don't.

Nevertheless, the realities of NFL football dictate that you take the best available there, other arguments about trading down, etc. notwithstanding. To his credit, Eliot Wolf dismissed all the gobbledygook about trading down and did the right thing. He took Drake Maye at pick No. Three.

Lots of top quarterbacks selected high in the draft have flamed out. It may be due to the pressure of the NFL, the upgrade in talent you face, or just not having what it takes. It happens. It may befall Drake Maye. Whatever. Those are the risks inherent in NFL football. After doing your due diligence, you still have to roll with the top guy and let the chips fall where they may.

Optimism is warranted. The young man has a prototypical size and a big arm and can make all the necessary throws to be successful in the NFL. Silly criticisms of his footwork notwithstanding, Maye looks like the real deal. He's the team's best quarterback, gives the Pats the best chance to win, and should start from Day One.

Improvements were also made at wide receiver and tight end

The Patriots neglected to add a No. 1 wide receiver in free agency. Other than left tackle, this was their biggest offensive gaffe of the offseason. It was necessary; they had the cap space, and they punted. That being noted, the team did at least address the position aggressively in the draft for a change.

They added Ja'Lynn Polk, a talented receiver from Washington, in the second round and Javon Baker from UCF in the fourth. This is an expenditure of significant draft capital on a position of need. While the feeling here is that both were reaches of sorts, taking two wideouts in the first four rounds was a statement of intent and a good one.

At the tight end position, the Pats were also assertive. They tied up their own guy, Hunter Henry, a solid tight end and one of the top two available in free agency. In addition, they added free-agent tight end Austin Hooper to replace the disappointing Mike Gesicki.

This tandem should provide a solid complement at the Y, in-line tight end spot. While both are 29 years old, they should still have some solid football left. In addition, the team surprisingly added a tight end in the draft, albeit in the seventh round.

That was Jaheim Bell from Florida State. Bell is a popular pick for a seventh-rounder for good reason. He may very well be a surprise. He's an H-back type who, like the best tight end in the 2024 draft, Brock Bowers, can be moved all around the formation. He's not Bowers, but he could nicely complement their in-line types.

Those are three areas on offense the Patriots have solidly addressed. Perform well, and the Pats could make waves in the AFC East. It will all depend on the key guy, Drake Maye. One thing is certain about Maye, though: he can't make good things happen on the bench.

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