Patriots' draft dream may become a reality after Adam Schefter's latest intel

It's looking more and more like we know where the Pats will go with #3 overall.

Campbell v North Carolina
Campbell v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

At this point, most of this year's NFL Draft intrigue starts with the Patriots. It seems pretty certain that the Bears are going to take USC QB Caleb Williams with the first overall pick – that's been the assumption for most of the offseason, and there are very few prominent NFL voices out there saying otherwise.

After that, the consensus is that Jayden Daniels will get picked by the Washington Commanders. They desperately need a franchise QB, and it's not like they would trade Sam Howell just for the chance to start Marcus Mariota. The Commanders have also been a popular team for trade down speculation, but that noise has quieted down of late.

Which leaves the Patriots, and the third overall pick, as the spot where things may get weird – or at least that's what people thought. On a recent episode of Adam Schefter's podcast, ESPN's NFL insider gave some hints at what he's hearing in the lead up to this month's draft, and Patriots fans will probably like – or even love? – what they hear:

Adam Schefter's latest intel on the Patriots' Draft plan

"It's hard for me today to see Jayden Daniels sliding much past pick number two," he said. "So let's pencil him in there. And I know we're not supposed to reveal picks in advance, we don't know what the picks will be. But again, we'll see how this shakes out, I think that's how it's stacking up a few weeks out: Caleb Williams one, Jayden Daniels two, and then the New England Patriots would be on the clock at number three with the possibility of taking Drake Maye at number three in New England."

And frankly, it's not like Drake Maye going to New England would be all that surprising. Most mocks have had Williams-Daniels-Maye being the first three picks, in some order or another, and the Patriots certainly need a new quarterback. As things currently stand, either Jacoby Brissett or Bailey Zappe are slated to be QB1 next year, which really just hammers home the idea that Maye is probably headed to Foxboro this spring.

And while recent precedent for taking UNC QBs within the first three picks may not be, uh, super flattering, Maye's skillset – and projection – is more than encouraging enough to justify the pick. Plus, it seems like most Patriots fans have been on the Maye bandwagon since college football season ended, so if you want to take Adam Schefter at his word, it's shaping up to be a good Draft weekend in New England.