Patriots Draft: Dilemma on trading or keeping the No. 3 pick

Will they, or won't they?
2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The New England Patriots will be on the clock soon with the third overall pick in the NFL draft. Much of the draft scuttlebutt centers around whether the Pats will keep or trade out of that pick. Whatever they do, will be news, big news.

The Patriots are a franchise at the bottom of the standings, at least of the AFC East, if not in-the-money values of NFL franchises. (There, they still excel.) On the field, however, the team sits at last place, below even the hapless and hopeless New York J-E-S-T, JESTs (sp).

Having entrusted their fortunes, at least for this offseason, to an unknown quantity, temporary general manager, Eliot Wolf, owner Robert Kraft has rolled the dice, big-time. And now, Wolf's big decision is, to use or trade the third pick overall.

This is a big decision since it will not only likely decide Wolf's future in Foxborough but will also go a long way toward setting the stage for the team's success or failure. Wolf has to get this draft right.

So, should they keep the pick? Or trade it? Let's take a look.

What if Wolf keeps the pick?

If Eliot Wolf decides to keep the pick, as many observers think he will, and some believe he should (hand raised here), here's what happens. First, unless he goes completely haywire, Wolf will select the best-remaining quarterback of the top three in the draft who is available at three. That would be Jayden Daniels of LSU or Drake Maye of UNC.

Both are top prospects and drafting either will not only be a plus for Wolf in his quest to be the Patriots' permanent GM but also a win for the team. Your top player is the quarterback, and if you don't have one, you have to get one. Taking the QB is a total plus for Wolf.

There is no player on any NFL team more important than the QB. When you need one and have an opportunity to draft one of the top QBs in the draft, you take it. Take either Daniels (if the Pats get lucky) or Maye, also a great choice. After that, you just move ahead to your next priority needs.

What if Wolf trades the third pick overall?

The possibility exists that there might be an offer that current GM-in-waiting Eliot Wolf thinks he can't turn down. That would be a bag full of picks to help reconstruct an offense that couldn't score. While the thought here is that if it doesn't include still getting that top-three QB, it should be dismissed out-of-hand, Wolf may go for this option.

If he does, he risks the following. First, he goes against the wishes of his boss, owner Robert Kraft. Kraft said he wants a young quarterback. If Wolf gets the message, he takes the QB at three. If not, he gambles. On the gamble, there may still be a way to win.

Wolf can trade down ever so slightly and still get one of the top three QBs while amassing more draft capital. That can ensue if another team desperately wants a wide receiver or maybe an offensive tackle (e.g., teams like Arizona or the LA Chargers) and will guarantee they won't take the last remaining top-three QB). It may just work.

This scenario is best for the Patriots and aspiring general manager Eliot Wolf. If he can trade down a spot or two, still get that top-three quarterback, and rack up additional draft capital, he will hit the proverbial home run.

Hopefully, Mr. Wolf can pull that off. It's not likely, is it? Who knows? But if he can get that done, welcome to Foxborough, Mr. General Manager. You'll have earned the position.

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