3 Patriots contract extensions that need immediate attention

These players would be valuable for several more years in New England.
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New England needs to find some money for linebacker Jahlani Tavai

Like Jabrill Peppers, Tavai did not begin his career with New England but only perfected the small things once he was in Foxborough. He was so good in 2023 that was the fourth-highest-graded linebacker in the league, according to PFF. But he did not just chase down quarterbacks or stand out in some other area. Tavai is one of the more well-rounded linebackers in the league and is capable of disrupting an opponent's run game.

He is still only 27 years old, though, and plays a position where he could play at a high level into his early 30s, especially as Tavai is an inside linebacker and not an edge rusher. He is not Bobby Wagner, of course, and few players are, but Wagner and Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David has been excellent into their mid-30s. Tavai, of course, is nowhere near that currently, but should New England sign him for four more years, he should be counted on to be productive for that entire time.

He also is not going to be expensive. The Patriots will have plenty of money to spend, but there is no reason to overspend on a position, either. The signing of Tavai at around $5 million or so solidifies inside linebacker and means New England can focus on addressing other areas of concern (mostly offensively).

Another aspect of Tavai's game that is underrated is his ability to cover running backs and tight ends. While he allowed 74 percent or slightly better of the passes thrown his way to be completed the last couple of years, those passes only amounted to 4.7 or fewer yards per target. If someone does make a catch in front of Tavai, he brings the receiver down immediately. The kind of stability Tavai brings is worth extending into future years.