Patriots build Championship-ready roster with offense-only 7-round mock draft

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Patriots will stick with their third-rounder and take a receiver with a great influence

3. 519. Mock draft rd3. . . player. . Brenden Rice. Wide receiver. Brenden Rice

Maybe it's not the best thing to already think of a player in the shadow of their very accomplished father, but Jerry Rice is one of the most legendary NFL players of all time. So how could you pass up on taking his son, even if he only ever becomes half the player his dad was?

That would still be an excellent player.

He wouldn't need to be the WR1 in this Patriots offense since Justin Jefferson would take over that role. And (hopefully) they'll re-sign Kendrick Bourne to play alongside them, which would make a nearly impeccable receiving corps moving forward.

Rice would be a great complement to the two veterans, using his size, speed, and impressive 50/50 ball skills to really put them over the top. He appears to be one of the more underrated receivers in this year's class, making the Patriots lucky to snag him in the third round.

One last trade for good measure

Mock draft rd6 trade

Because why not?

Since Rhamondre Stevenson is the lone proven running back on the team, it would be ideal to trade up in the fourth round to get one of the best in the draft. So that's what Mayo and Co. do by trading their 136th pick and third-rounder in 2025 to the Jets and receiving the 112th pick in return.

Mock draft rd4 . player. . . Running back. Audric Estime. 4. 443. . Audric Estime

How could you pass up taking one of the almost perfectly graded half-backs in this year's class?

Notre Dame's Audric Estime would be a boost to the offense for many reasons, primarily to take much of the load off Stevenson's back. He would be an asset on the ground, as he recorded 209 carries for 1,341 yards and 18 touchdowns while averaging 6.4 yards per rush in 2023. And he could help out in the passing game as well, recording 17/17 receptions for 142 yards.

He has the strength needed to break through a defensive line while also having the patience to know when to stop and go when the play calls for it. Estime's presence would give the next quarterback another solid weapon on the field, which is all you can ask for in a rebuilding offense.