Patriots: Best and worst draft choices, by round, in the Belichick era

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The Patriots have had some great draft choices, and far too many busts, in every round during the Belichick era.

Have any rounds been better than others for the Patriots? Should the Pats only choose players at certain positions in certain rounds?

That sounds odd, but the Pats definitely have a history of hitting and missing in the draft at certain positions and in certain rounds. For example, the number of whiffs on defensive backs and wide receivers chosen in the 2nd round defies probability.

In making these selections, I looked primarily at the player’s overall contribution, or lack thereof, to the Patriots' success rather than just demonstrated ability.

So, for example, a player who contributed for over ten seasons to the Patriots’ success is worth more to me, and, I think, to the organization, than one who was outstanding but left the team, either through free agency or trade, after just four or five seasons.

Here are the selections (player name, position, year drafted):