Patriots are considered a good fit for pending free-agent quarterback

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Because the Patriots were ruled out of postseason contention reasonably early in the 2023 season, forcing fans and the media to shift their focus to the 2024 NFL draft, most have decided the team can only draft a quarterback with the third overall pick; it's deemed their only reasonable option.

But in recent weeks, some have taken a liking to the idea of signing a veteran quarterback who could be more of a bridge in the position and mentor the rookie signal caller they draft, whoever that may be. It's why guys like Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson have been connected to the team, and now we have a new name to add to the list.

A recent article by Bleacher Report's Ryan Fowler goes over five of the likeliest, most sought-after quarterbacks this upcoming free agency. He shares his opinion on which teams would be the best scheme fits for each, and surprisingly, he names the Patriots as one of the landing spots for Ryan Tannehill.

This is the first instance of the 35-year-old quarterback being linked to or even suggested for New England, but Fowler believes Tannehill could provide stability to the position for the team, especially if they choose to forgo drafting a quarterback this year.

"The Patriots could take a new face of the franchise with the No. 3 overall pick. But if they opt to go to the veteran route or eye Tannehill as a wily vet with some spot-start ability, this could be a nice landing spot."

Given how poorly he played in 2023, resulting in him being benched for his rookie backup, and his season ended early the year before due to an ankle injury, seeing Tannehill suit up with the Patriots seems less than ideal.

Maybe he would be a scheme fit, if they implement the same under Jerod Mayo and the new offensive coordinator, but that's all that sounds enticing about this scenario.

Going with a veteran to help mentor a rookie isn't a bad idea, although jumping straight to playing a rookie doesn't seem like a terrible route to go either. However, Tannehill is not at the top of the list of veteran quarterbacks that people will want to see in New England, and his recent performances don't seem like much of an upgrade from who was on the team last year.

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