Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft: First-round trade-down makes for impressive haul

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Although most would argue the Patriots' only option for using their third overall pick in the upcoming draft is to take a quarterback, there is a chance they will prioritize weaponizing the offense before thrusting a young signal caller into the mix.

It wouldn't be a well-received decision, but it might be their most viable route if the new regime wants to avoid a Panthers/Bryce Young situation or a repeat of the Mac Jones era.

If that's the case, they will have some high-quality prospects to go after in this year's class, even more so if they choose to trade down with a team like the Vikings, who appear to be loading up to move into the top-3 picks for a quarterback.

That would allow the Patriots to have two first-round selections to use on the offense, boosting the roster to make for a much easier transition for their future quarterback.

Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft: No quarterback? No problem

Patriots select Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia, with the 11th overall pick

The first move of the night is the Patriots' trade of their coveted No. 3 pick to the quarterback-needy Vikings in exchange for the 11th, 23rd, and 108th overall selections. This would give them two first-round picks for the first time since the 2018 Draft, but hopefully, they'll pick better players this time.

In this case, they choose the best tight end of the class, Georgia's Brock Bowers, with the 11th overall pick. Although they re-signed Hunter Henry to a 3-year deal in free agency and added Austin Hooper, they still need to build up their tight end roster for the future.

Who better than the best prospect at the position over the last few years?

The 6'4" tight end is the 7th-ranked player by PFF this year, recording some of the highest-graded seasons for any player in the entire class. Over the last three seasons, he averaged 847 receiving yards, eight touchdowns, and 14.5 yards per catch, all of which would make him the most productive player on the Patriots roster over the last four years.