Patriots 4-round mock draft with mega-trades stuns the AFC East

The New England Patriots put the AFC East on notice, "We're baaaack!"
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Patriots draft gets better and better in the second round

With their next pick, their own pick No. 34, the Patriots go right to the well at offensive tackle and select Jordan Morgan of Arizona. Morgan is a big tackle who'll maybe start on the right side right away, assuming the Pats dip into the free agency market for a young veteran offensive tackle like Jonah Williams of Cincinnati. They also can re-sign Mike Onwenu, who, of course, can play right tackle, if necessary, at a very high level. Wolf has options, but expect Morgan to start on Day One. comments on the 6'5", 312-pound Wildcat Morgan,

"In pass protection, Morgan's size and strength are an asset on play-action, flat and jump sets when he can get his hands on rushers early, tying them up and ending reps quickly. He can function on an island when he is on time with his set points and his strike timing lands just right, but the variance goes way up against wide rush alignments and high-side rushes. His mediocre range leads to him opening his hips early, creating a soft inside shoulder and clean losses across his face.

"Overall, Morgan has the frame, build, play strength and physicality to make a smooth transition inside to guard, with the initial quickness and burst to be a high-quality run-blocker. His questionable range and middling redirect skills will be difficult to overcome on an island against NFL edge-rushers, but he could make it work inside a run-first, play-action-based scheme that limits those exposures."

Following the Morgan selection, with pick No. 38 acquired from Tennessee, the Patriots choose wide receiver Ladd McKonkey from Georgia. has this to say about McKonkey,

"Ladd McConkey's skill set projects well at the next level. His route precision, ball tracking, and quickness off the line are standout traits. Despite his size, he plays with an edge, showing promise as a slot receiver and potential on special teams. However, concerns about his ability to handle physical corners and create separation against elite defenders persist. His transition from catch to run needs refining. A smart player, McConkey's adaptability and work ethic could see him carve out a significant role in an NFL offense, especially in schemes that can exploit his agility and route-running savvy."

The Patriots then have the very next pick acquired from the Giants, and again, Wolf pulls off a brilliant trade down, sending that pick and their fifth-round pick, No. 136, to Jacksonville for their pick, No. 48, in the second round and the Jags' second-round pick in 2025.

I'm not a fan here usually of "trading out" to the next year, but in this case, Wolf has again acted masterfully. The Pats rebuild will not be a one-year proposition. In adding a first from Atlanta and now a second-rounder in 2025 from Jacksonville, he's assured that he can further stock up the team next offseason.