Patriots 4-round mock draft with mega-trades stuns the AFC East

The New England Patriots put the AFC East on notice, "We're baaaack!"
LSU v Missouri
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Pats' Jayden Daniels, a Home Run, A+++ pick by Eliot Wolf

Eliot Wolf has just engineered a first round for the ages with some of the deftest draft maneuvering ever seen, either in New England or anywhere else, for that matter. He has not only secured a quarterback who many would have taken at pick No. 3 (hand raised here) but he's also gleaned two additional second-round super-premium picks and a first-rounder in 2025 to boot. It's a bit early to call, but Wolf has already bagged an A+ grade here.

Daniels is a dual-threat quarterback who can do it all. He's also a super accurate thrower, protects the ball brilliantly, and can run like a running back. With a rebuilding offense, that latter attribute will be helpful while all the pieces of the new offense are assembled and fashioned into a well-oiled machine. Need convincing? Check out these stats.

Daniels threw for 3812 yards and 40 touchdowns in 2023 with only four interceptions. He protects the ball, indeed. He also ran for an astounding 1134 yards with an 8.4-yard average and another 10 TDs! That's 50 total. And you can top it all off with the fact that he was the Heisman Trophy winner as the nation's best college player in 2023. Eliot Wolf, please take a bow.