Patriots 4-round mock draft to traumatize AFC East opponents

Pats' set the tone for AFC East payback with an in-your-face offensive tsunami.

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It's already April, and the 2024 NFL draft looms large over the league and all its teams. It's the most anticipated New England Patriot draft in decades and the first without Bill Belichick calling the shots in nearly a quarter century.

After canning Belichick, Robert Kraft did the unthinkable and placed a neophyte in charge of the most important draft and offseason generally since he's owned the team.

Questionable as that decision was, the whole operation is now in the hands of Eliot Wolf. Wolf unfortunately has already botched free agency spending a good deal of the team's cap space on signing and re-signing mostly mediocre players.

That was the Belichick personnel modus operandi. Wolf hasn't seemed to get the message, yet, that you win with great and really good players.

Whatever, that notwithstanding, we're onto the 2024 draft, Wolf's last remaining opportunity to get things right this offseason. He needs to balance his poor free agency effort and give his team and Patriot Nation something positive to look forward to in 2024.

So LET's GO! as Tom Brady used to say, and create the first four rounds that will mortify and traumatize the Patriots' AFC East opponents, who have pretty much had their way with the Patriots since Belichick and Kraft broomed Brady out the door. Making the right moves in this draft can help right the ship.

There's only one season in the NFL, the upcoming one. You assemble for now. There's no next season. So, this mock draft will seek to add players who can play and improve the team now, not in three years. Let's demonstrate how that can be done to a large extent in the first four rounds beginning on April 25th. Hopefully, they'll get the message for once.

Note: Thanks to sportskeeda for the use of their mock draft simulator

Patriots stumble onto best QB in the draft

In a shocking turn of events, the projected best quarterback in the draft falls to the Patriots at pick No. 3. Caleb Williams of USC is there, and the Patriots select the Trojan quarterback with the third pick overall, passing up trade opportunities and Drake Maye in the process. Jayden Daniels went with the first pick overall.

Elito Wolf can't believe his luck, but that's why the draft is such a mesmerizing event. Williams, a magician in the pocket, has been the consensus best quarterback by most observers from the get-go until very recently. And for good reason. His escapability quotient is off the charts.

Here's some of what says about Williams,

" Williams is electric, plain and simple ... Whether the pocket is cluttered or Williams is on the move, he's always able to get the ball out cleanly with the same kind of velocity and control he would get under normal circumstances...Williams is, of course, a unique playmaker."

Talk about a great fit for the Patriot offense that couldn't generate any excitement whatsoever, not to mention many points. It's a massive lucky stroke, and fortunately for Patriot Nation, Eliot Wolf doesn't pass up the opportunity. Falling to three will also be a nice motivator for Williams, who'll be out to prove to the two teams that passed on him, Chicago and Washington, how wrong they were.

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