Offensive linemen the Patriots need to watch in the 2024 draft

This years draft is one of the deepest offensive line draft classes in a long time.

Feb 27, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New England Patriots director of scouting Eliot Wolf during the
Feb 27, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New England Patriots director of scouting Eliot Wolf during the / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After a subpar 2023 NFL season, the Patriots are looking to rebound in the upcoming 2024 season. With a record of 4-13 last season, one of the areas that the Patriots struggled with was their offensive line, which gave up a total of 48 sacks and ranked as one of the worst run-blocking units.

As a result, the Patriots could be looking to draft an offensive lineman in the 2024 NFL draft scheduled for April 25th. This upcoming draft is one of the deepest offensive line draft classes in a few years.

Ultimately, the Patriots need to prioritize their offensive line. This will ensure a better performance in 2024 and strengthen an offensive line unit that is young inside with two young guards and an offense that will most likely have a young quarterback.

Below are five offensive linemen who deserve a look. Some are second-round projections, and others are day-three targets.

Offensive linemen the Patriots need to watch in the draft

Tyler Guyton University of Oklahoma Projected 1st or 2nd Round


At a height of 6'7 and a weight of close to 330 lbs., Guyton is agile for his size and fast at getting off the ball. He started just 15 games in college, with last year being his first season as a full-time starter, and did not allow any sacks in 2023.

He is athletic and explosive and effectively utilizes his long arms. His agility and long arms make it challenging for pass rushers to gain an advantage on pass plays. He also shows signs of being tenacious and is strong at picking up stunts and blitzes.

Needs Work:

Guyton sometimes struggles with his hand placement and plays tall, allowing the defenders to gain leverage into his chest. However, the things that he does well outweigh any negatives. More experience will help correct anything that he needs to work on.

Patrick Paul University of Houston projected 2nd Round


Patrick Paul has offensive tackle size at 6'7 tall and weighs over 330lbs. He has long arms and quick feet. Both are important in pass protection, especially against fast NFL edge rushers. He utilizes his arm length and quick feet well by slowing down edge rushers and is strong at stopping bull rushes.

He had a strong performance at the Reese's Senior Bowl, catching the attention of multiple NFL teams. Lastly, he is the younger brother of NFL offensive guard Chris Paul, so football is in his genes!

Needs Work:

His run blocking could be improved, and he has the skill set to be a powerful run blocker. At Houston, Paul showed signs of getting to the second level and was explosive in short-yardage run-blocking plays. His hand placement and body leverage technique need some improvement.

Kingsley Suamataia BYU projected 2nd Round


Suamataia has a strong foundation in pass protection, especially with his hand technique and quick feet. Standing 6'5 and weighing over 320 lbs., he has considerable length. Long arms are helpful for an offensive tackle. He is also very athletic for his size and is a solid blocker on the edge of the line of scrimmage. He is strong in pass protection with agile feet and strong hands to neutralize pass rushers.

Suamataia is also a dominant run blocker. Using his size and strength to overpower defenders. At BYU, he played in a similar offense that offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt runs, which would be convenient for the Patriots. Another fun fact is that he was on the 2023 Bruce Feldman freak list.

Lastly, he also has a relative in the NFL, Penei Sewell, an offensive tackle for the Detroit Lions. It seems like football may run in families.

Needs Work:

He needs to work on being more consistent with body leverage and balance. His tendency to play high causes him to lose leverage at times. In college, he got away with it because of his strength. With some refinement, he has all the physical skills needed to be a tackle in the NFL.

Javon Foster University of Missouri Projected 4th Round


Javon Foster is a solid run blocker who is strong at the zone and man-run blocking. Foster is good at gaining body position, and his agility makes him effective at blocking the edge and pulling on counterplays. His long arms allow him to make contact with in defenders and keep control of his opponent.

On passing plays, he is effective using different pass sets. Being able to play on the right or left side is also attractive.

Needs Work:

His footwork sometimes gets him off balance, and he has a habit of overextending and lunging. That makes it difficult to reset when he gets beat. He could also improve consistency with his technique.

Dominick Puni University of Kansas Projected 3rd or 4th Round


Another massive human being at 6'5, 320 lbs. is Dominick Puni. Puni started as a Left Tackle at Kansas in a zone-based run scheme that would fit in perfectly with Patriots Offensive Coordinator Alex Van Pelt’s style. He is a powerful run blocker who does a great job of finishing blocks and moving defenders.

In pass protection, he showed agility and the ability to move from side to side. Puni plays physically and does well at picking up blitzes. Possibly the most underrated part of his game is his versatility to be an immediate contributor at guard; depending on the health and performance of Cole Strange and Sidy Sow, we may need that.

Needs Work:

His short arm length could hinder him from slowing down NFL edge rushers. Puni also tends to stand up a little high and lose balance and leverage. Working on his pad level and anchoring down will assist him in transitioning to the NFL.

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