NFL just confirmed Sauce Gardner's attempt to bury Mac Jones didn't work

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

A lot has been made about what may happen to Mac Jones after Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner accused him of hitting him below the belt after a scuffle broke out on the field in last week's game. The incident was discussed all over social media and TV shows across all networks, with some declaring that Jones is one of the dirtiest players in the league, regardless of position.

Gardner tried to hammer that point home the day after the game when he sent out a tweet with a grainy video that he claims proved that Jones did hit him inappropriately.

Although most with decent vision would tell you that the video of the incident in question could not prove anything definitively, those outside of New England, or anyone within the area that aren't fans of Mac Jones, jumped on the bandwagon to declare the quarterback to be a dirty player, setting off a week-long charade of making digs at the Patriotsase they have for over twenty years.

That was when the NFL announced they would be investigating Gardner's claim and not looking into what happened beforehand. Nothing was made of what Jets C.J. Mosley did to Jones before the allegations, as the linebacker and another Jets defender aggressively took the quarterback to the ground well after the whistle was blown.

And apparently, what Gardner did also didn't warrant an investigation either.


Later in the week, it was made clear that Jones would not be suspended for the incident, something that was on the table given his history of fines for "unsportsmanlike behavior" over the last two years. And the news got better on Saturday when the NFL announced they also would not be fining the quarterback either.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero tweeted out the news Saturday afternoon and included an important reason why there would be no punishment.

Although it seemed pretty obvious to anyone who saw the multiple videos that Jets fans and media posted online in an attempt to prove Jones did something egregious, there was not sufficient proof of any wrongdoing, thus not allowing the league to punish him for the incident.

It's massive news for the Patriots, considering what could have been the result. A suspension would've completely derailed their season, so this is great news ahead of their next tough matchup.