NFL insider reveals Patriots decision for No. 3 pick between these two QBs

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Despite the overwhelming belief that the Patriots' best option with the third overall pick would be to take a quarterback, Jerod Mayo has teased the idea of trading down to acquire more selections this year and next.

It wouldn't be a popular decision, but it makes sense the team is keeping the door open for teams to throw everything and the kitchen sink in a trade package to take their pick.

Fortunately for those who want to see a quarterback come to New England, the latest intel from NFL insider Peter Schrager suggests that's the current plan come draft night.

NFL insider reveals Patriots decision for No. 3 pick between these two QBs

The Good Morning Football co-host released his first mock draft on Tuesday morning, including much of the information he's been told throughout the offseason from most of the teams atop the draft.

That's where he revealed the Patriots' favorite quarterback prospects, which he claims is narrowed down to two players.

In his mock, Schrager has the Patriots selecting Drake Maye, with the Commanders choosing Jayden Daniels one pick ahead. Those two players are believed to be the Patriots' main focus leading up to the draft, and the insider claims the team would be OK with choosing either quarterback when they're on the clock.

"Despite lots of smoke that New England could trade down, I believe this new Patriots regime will be comfortable with either Jayden Daniels or Maye. Pats brass took Maye out for steaks the night before his Foxborough visit earlier this month, and those guys loved the Charlotte native. That said, they also loved their top-30 visit with Daniels. I think they're fine with whichever one falls to them. New England also wined and dined QB J.J. McCarthy on Monday night, but I still see this selection being Daniels or Maye."

He confirms what many have thought about all the hype around J.J. McCarthy recently, believing it was a bunch of smoke to get other teams off the players they actually like. That's certainly possible and not out of the ordinary for a team in their position, but it doesn't look like it has swayed Washington's preferred players, who are said to be the same as the Patriots.

It could be a good tactic if they're hoping to entertain a trade-down scenario, and a team that McCarthy might entice would be willing to trade up to get him. However, that hasn't appeared to be the case so far.

So, if they stick with their original No. 3 pick, the Commanders will dictate the Patriots' fate regarding whether they select Daniels or Maye, which is not the ideal situation. But there's no sense in trying to trade up one spot to ensure they get the guy they truly prefer.

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