NFL insider leaves door open for Patriots to take Russell Wilson gamble

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Most of the discussion surrounding the Patriots' quarterback situation has focused on them selecting their next franchise player in the upcoming draft. Because it seems clear they'll be moving on from Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe, their best option appears to be to take advantage of their high first-round pick and hope they'll have better luck this time around.

Most reports suggest that's still the plan, even after the Combine, but signing a veteran bridge quarterback hasn't been ruled out, either.

Since that has increased in possibility over the last few weeks, the Patriots have been connected to several players linked to new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, who coached quarterbacks throughout his career and is a former player himself.

Rumors have connected Jacoby Brissett, Joe Flacco, and Baker Mayfield as potential targets New England will pursue this offseason due to their history with Van Pelt on the Browns. Although two remain options, the news of Russell Wilson's release from the Broncos also threw his name into the mix.

Russell Wilson's new availability doesn't change things for the Patriots

Even before he was officially released, there was a lot of chatter about the Patriots trading for Russell Wilson since Sean Payton made it abundantly clear he was not interested in keeping the quarterback around. It didn't seem like a viable situation due to his unfavorable and not team-friendly contract, which essentially ended any consideration.

Now that he will be a free agent, the idea has been reignited, and many have deemed New England a great fit for Wilson to get another fresh start. That is until NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler revealed what he's heard about the situation Monday night.

Although the Patriots need a quarterback, Fowler reports Wilson is not on their radar. He notes things could change but believes their No. 3 pick will be used to find their next face of the franchise.

"...Much will depend on where New England is in its rebuild. Wilson will prioritize winning, and the Patriots aren't ready to win big. They need at least a year to replenish the roster. Plus, they have the No. 3 pick, which they could use on Daniels or UNC's Drake Maye. So, not impossible, but not sure the fit is good for either side."

Many Patriots fans will be relieved about this news.

Regardless of their interest, Wilson's desires for his next team need to be considered. He is said to want to go to a competitive, winning team, which the Patriots are not at the moment, and it seems fair to assume that's precisely why they wouldn't be on the quarterback's radar, either.

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