NFL Hall of Famer absolutely rips Bill Belichick to shreds

Another prominent player is bashing Bill Belichick.

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NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp did not hold back in recent criticism of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who is likely nearing the end of his tenure with the team. The more players that come out and voice this type of opinion about Bill Belichick, the more I am inclined to believe them.

Warren Sapp is just another player among others who seem to think that Bill Belichick was "made" because of Tom Brady. On Jason Whitlock's show, the defensive tackle went off on Belichick:

""Tom Brady is the reason why you're Bill Belichick. Lawrence Taylor is the reason why you're Bill Belichick," Sapp said. "Maybe the greatest football player on offense and maybe the greatest football player on defense to ever be in the National Football League.

"Bill, that's who you owe that to. All of the 'Patriot way' (bleep) is out the window. Ask Bill O'Brien. Ask Romeo Crennell. Ask Josh McDaniels. Ask any of them. It's out the window."

"And you can't go recreate it [the 'Patriot Way'] somewhere else because no one cares about it," Sapp said. "No one respects that but you and the old-school football guys.

"It's time to go to the couch. The game is over.""

Warren Sapp

He even went as far as saying that Belichick woudn't find success with another organization. Honestly, I tend to believe players like Sapp especially, who played in over 200 games across his 13-year career. And I bet if current New England Patriots' players could truly speak their mind, they'd probably not be far off in their thinking from Sapp.

The Patriots have been on their bye week and will face off against the New York Giants in Week 12. This game could have 2024 NFL Draft implications, as both teams are currently picking in the top five. Both franchises also need long-term answers at quarterback, and I guess on the bright side, it's good that the Patriots aren't paying Daniel Jones $40 million per season.

But anyway, this makes another prominent player coming out and talking negatively about Bill Belichick, whose resume has surely taken a bit with his lack of success without Tom Brady.