New England Patriots will be throwing it back again in 2023

Detroit Lions v New England Patriots
Detroit Lions v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Patriots fans rejoiced this morning as an announcement came to Twitter hinting that the throwback Pat the Patriot uniforms will be worn again this season. Appropriately, the Patriots Twitter account tweeted a picture of both Barbie and Ken wearing the red jersey's 20 and 23 as the new Barbie movie is set to hit theaters this weekend.

These throwback uniforms are arguably the best throwbacks in the NFL. It was exciting to see the Patriots wear them twice last year so it made perfect sense that the team would once again be wearing these. Just like last season, the Patriots will wear these uniforms twice. But against who?

Not only did the Patriots just hint at the throwback uniforms coming back, they also confirmed the two games the team will be wearing the uniforms. This season the Patriots will wear them in week two against the Miami Dolphins and week thirteen against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Last season the Patriots went 1-1 in their two games wearing the throwbacks. They defeated the Detroit Lions early in the season and then suffered a Thursday night football loss to the Buffalo Bills. In their game against the Lions, Bailey Zappe was under center and had a decent day going 17 for 21, throwing for 188 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

As for their game against the Bills, the Patriots loss by two scores in a game where Josh Allen dominated the Patriots However, Mac Jones wasn't terrible in this game. He went 22 for 36, throwing for 195 yards and a touchdown. Altogether, the Bills bullied the Patriots at Foxboro. Hopefully that doesn't happen again when the Dolphins come to Foxboro.

The Patriots could go 1-1 again this season with a likely win over the Chargers late in the season as Justin Herbert is yet to figure out how to beat New England. A bonus would be in week two if the Dolphins decide to wear their away throwbacks so both teams could be wearing their popular throwback uniforms. All and all, with training camp starting next week it's finally time to get excited for the 2023 New England Patriots season.