Patriots Rumors: 4 replacements for Mac Jones to save New England's future

Would the Patriots consider a big-time move at quarterback, replacing Mac Jones?

New England Patriots, Mac Jones
New England Patriots, Mac Jones / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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It was an embarrassing Week 4 performance by Mac Jones and the New England Patriots, who were trounced by the Dallas Cowboys, 38-3.

Jones struggled mightily, with several costly errors on his part and a pair of them went back for Dallas defensive touchdowns. Jones was ultimately replaced late in the game by Bailey Zappe, but Bill Belichick has stated that Jones remains the starter and the move came because the game was out of hand.

But, there are certainly going to be clamors for a change at quarterback after this performance. If Jones is indeed replaced, the Patriots have some options.

1. Bailey Zappe

The first and most logical option to replace Jones would be for the Patriots to simply make a switch, benching him for Bailey Zappe as a somewhat permanent move. Last year, Belichick made a switch to Zappe temporarily, and he didn't look half bad as a rookie.

In four appearances last season, Zappe threw for 781 yards while completing over 70 percent of his passes, and tossing five touchdowns to three interceptions. There were certaily times where the offense looked a whole lot more threatening with Zappe under center, considering he wasn't afraid to let it rip. Tha'ts where Jones struggles at times, is when he's tasked with throwing it further down field.

This move wouldn't cost the Patriots anything more than potentially more wins, but if they wanted a much more solidified option, they could always head toward the trade market.