3 players who could follow Bill Belichick out of New England this offseason

Might Belichick bring some old friends with?
New England Patriots, Trent Brown
New England Patriots, Trent Brown / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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2. Bailey Zappe, QB

Depending on where Belichick lands, there is always a chance he could try and bring a quarterback with him. After all, that's a position New England is far from set on. Now, which quarterback, and in what capacity?

I could see Bailey Zappe following Belichick to his new team, but solely as a backup; albeit a good backup.

It always felt like Belichick had a preference for Zappe over Mac Jones, but it took quite a while for the head coach to throw in the towel on the latter.

With New England likely going a new direction at quarterback, one might be led to believe the team could try and field offers for both Jones and Zappe, if they think they can get anything for either one.

And, if you look at the rumored teams for Belichick, such as the Atlanta Falcons, quarterback is also a question mark. So, why not give your team the best opportunity for success, through competition and depth?

In two seasons with New England, Zappe went 4-4 as a starter, throwing for 2,053 yards, 11 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.