3 players who could follow Bill Belichick out of New England this offseason

Might Belichick bring some old friends with?
New England Patriots, Trent Brown
New England Patriots, Trent Brown / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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The New England Patriots are moving forward with Jerod Mayo as their new head coach, with Bill Belichick now looking for his next gig.

Wild times.

It still feels weird to write something like that, but here we are.

As for where Belichick will wind up, he has a few options. Could it be with the Atlanta Falcons? How about the Los Angeles Chargers, where the quarterback position is already locked down?

Wherever he ends up, Belichick might decide to try and bring some of his guys with him from New England. Which players could follow him?

1. Trent Brown, OT

The Patriots look like they will end up moving on from offensive tackle Trent Brown this offseason. He is 30 years old and will turn 31 this spring, and the Patriots typically won't pay an aging offensive lineman.

Just look at the tea leaves. Last season, Brown's name was one of the biggest names involved in trade rumors. While he didn't end up getting dealt, that should give you an idea of New England's intentions when it comes to his future.

Brown was one of the top run-blocking tackles in the league this last season and is still a formidable pass blocker. For a contending team that wants to add a solid offensive tackle this offseason, Brown will be someone highly sought after.

People can make what they want out of Pro Football Focus grades, but Brown has had a plus-grade in the pass blocking department for the entirety of his career, and performed the best he's ever performed in the run-blocking department in 2023. He's a valuable player, but I don't think New England keeps him.