Decision Time: Is Mac Jones a better option than these 5 quarterbacks in 2024?

Will it be the beginning of a new era next season?

New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe, Mac Jones
New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe, Mac Jones / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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4. Caleb Williams

With a few games remaining, there is still a possibility that the Patriots land the no. 1 pick. At the same time, there is also a possibility that Caleb Williams doesn't end up going number one overall. That pick could wind up being wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State, or the aforementioned Maye. At this stage, you never know.

There have been questions about Williams and how he handles himself off the field, and immediately after losses. Williams undoubtedly has all of the talent in the world, though, that's for sure. He can extend plays with the best of them; a la Patrick Mahomes.

Williams has shown the ability to make all the throws you want in an NFL quarterback, coupled with the athleticism to make plays with his legs when he needs to. For the majority of the past year or so, he has been the clear-cut no. 1 quarterback, and maybe even player, in the 2024 class.

It isn't difficult to see who is the better option, here, just like the previous comparison with Maye. If either of these guys are drafted, Jones is a goner.

Verdict: Williams