Decision Time: Is Mac Jones a better option than these 5 quarterbacks in 2024?

Will it be the beginning of a new era next season?

New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe, Mac Jones
New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe, Mac Jones / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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3. Drake Maye

Currently possessing the no. 3 pick in the draft, the Patriots very well could end up being able to select North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye. Now, for those who don't know a ton about Maye, you don't have to be scared off. This isn't Mitchell Trubisky 2.0 we're talking about here, although I'll admit, I've had my fears at times.

Over the past two seasons, Maye has truly proved a lot of doubters wrong. He does, indeed, look like the real deal. At 6-foot-5, Maye has more than ideal size at the quarterback position. He's a big body, well-built and has the mobility needed to be labeled a dual-threat in today's game. Now, he's not as dynamic a runner as some, but over the past two seasons with the Tar Heels, he's ran it 287 times for close to 1,100 yards and 15 touchdowns.

As a passer, Maye makes throwing the football look like an art form. He's able to get the ball downfield with ease and has a nice, quick flick of the wrist when pushing it far. In terms of reading defenses and going through his progressions, Maye does that well. He's not a first-read quarterback by any means. He knows how to be patient and find the right target.

Comparing Maye to Jones, it's not even close. Jones hardly looked like an NFL starter coming out of college. Maye, on the other hand, has it.

Verdict: Maye