5 candidates to replace Bill Belichick and give Patriots a fresh start

The noise is going to get louder and louder, the more we see the Patriots continue losing.
New England Patriots, Bill Belichick
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3. Jim Schwartz, Defensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns

Back to the defensive side of the ball, because it is a very real possibility that Kraft decides to go with someone like Jim Schwartz. And, he wouldn't be a bad option, by any means. If the Patriots had their minds made up on going after a veteran coach with a defensive presence, Schwartz fits the bill.

Schwartz has previous head coaching experience, of course, but has made a living coaching defenses for the majority of his career. This year, he has the Cleveland Browns sitting atop the league as the no. 1 overall defense in football. The Browns are allowing just 234.8 yards per game, which is about 30 less than the second-place Baltimore Ravens.

Cleveland is also the top pass defense in football, thanks to stellar play from their front seven getting after quarterbacks and also a formidable secondary. It has all finally come together for the Cleveland defense, as some have been waiting for, for quite some time now.

Schwartz brings 30 years of NFL experience to the table and has coached some of the best defenses in recent memory. Is he who fans would want? Of course not. We've already established that most fans would err on the offensive side. But, Schwartz is a respected name and viable candidate.