New England Patriots release NFL Draft phone call with Tom Brady from 2000

New England Patriots v New York Jets
New England Patriots v New York Jets / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

The New England Patriots released a phone call between them and Tom Brady after drafting him in the 2000 NFL Draft, and the historic phone call is something everyone should listen to. When you say the number "199" as it relates to the NFL, everyone knows what you'd be talking about. Tom Brady was the New England Patriots 199th pick back in the 2000 NFL Draft, and boy was that a great selection.

Well, on August 31st, the New England Patriots released a phone call after Tom Brady was drafted by the team a whopping 23 years ago. The only voice I can really make out is that of Robert Kraft's, perhaps someone who is more of a Patriots' history nut can decipher who all is a part of that phone call. You can listen to it here, and even if you are not a Pats' fan, you can appreciate this moment in NFL history.

Tom Brady was buried on the depth chart for most of his rookie season, and I don't think that came as much of a surprise to the team, but by the end of the season, he was backing up Drew Bledsoe. In 2001, as we all know, Drew Bledsoe suffered a scary injury after a bit by Mo Lewis. Tom Brady came in to replace Bledsoe, and decided that he wanted to become the greatest QB in the history of the NFL.

From that point on, Brady went 11-3 as a starter in 2001, passing for 2,843 yards, 18 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. The New England Patriots rode a top seven scoring offense and defense all the way to an 11-5 record and a Super Bowl title, their first of three in four seasons and the beginning of the best dynasty in NFL history.

Drew Bledsoe played another five seasons in the NFL after 2001, but obviously did not suit up for the New England Patriots again after that hit from Lewis. I think it's super cool to be able to listen in on this phone call, and the Pats releasing it to the public was a great move.