4 reasons Patriots need to hire Mike Vrabel to replace Bill Belichick

The noise could only grow louder and louder as time goes on.
New England Patriots, Mike Vrabel
New England Patriots, Mike Vrabel / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Vrabel fits the Patriots' unorthodox way of doing things

In a league that is extremely offensively dominant, I could definitely see the Patriots go out and hire a defensive-minded head coach. It seems almost silly to do nowadays, as the majority of good teams in this league are operated by an offensive mind at the helm. But, New England hasn't always done things by the book. And, Vrabel would bring a strong defensive presence to the Patriots.

Although the Titans may not be a top defense right now, Vrabel has proven he can do it. The Titans had the no. 5 scoring defense in 2021, no. 12 in 2019 and no. 3 in 2018 under Vrabel.

The coach brings a lot of focus on fundamentals to the table. His defenses are typically very sound and don't miss tackles. At the very least, Vrabel's attitude and toughness would be welcome in New England.

Again, would Patriots fans love to go find their franchise quarterback and pair him with a top offensive head coaching candidate like a Brian Johnson or Frank Smith? Absolutely, they would. But, that's not always how the Patriots go about things.