Ranking the top 5 Patriots quarterbacks of all-time

We know who the GOAT is, but what about the rest?
New England Patriots, Tom Brady
New England Patriots, Tom Brady / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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1. Tom Brady

This slide could literally just be a picture of Tom Brady, a goat and that's about it. There isn't much else to say, here, other than he is quite actually the greatest quarterback of all-time, and not just in the history of the Patriots.

What Brady was able to accomplish in New England, and in the NFL in general, is unprecedented. Not only does Brady rank first all-time in Patriots passing leaders, but first all-time in the NFL. He holds a multitude of records, obviously, and was able to extend his incredibly impressive career all the way until age 45.

Brady has thrown for more passing touchdowns than anyone else in NFL history. He's made 15 Pro Bowls, won three MVP awards and of course, he has won seven out of the 10 Super Bowls he has played in.

While there "isn't much to say" about Brady taking the top spot, at the same time, there is plenty to say. We're talking about, historically, one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the planet, regardless of sport.

When people talk about the greatest athletes of all-time, they'll mention the likes of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady in the same breath, without fail.

During his Patriots career, Brady threw for 74,571 yards, 541 touchdowns and 179 interceptions.

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