New England Patriots: Quick 4-round post-Super Bowl mock draft

A quick-read Patriots' Mock Draft that will leave you thrilled.
Michigan State v Ohio State
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The college All-Star games are in the books, so it makes sense to go ahead and conduct a lightning, four-round Patriots mock draft to see if the All-Star games will have influenced the Patriots' direction since previous Mocks.

Note: Thanks go to for their Mock Draft Simulator and for their NFL Draft Trade Value Chart for the use of these draft products.

Round One: Wide Receiver: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Now, Let's Go!!! With the third pick in the NFL draft, the Patriots stand pat and draft the best wide receiver and arguably the best player in the draft, 6'4" tall, and 205-pound Marvin Harrison Jr. of Ohio State. has this high praise, indeed,

"Harrison is a slam-dunk prospect. He is a twitched-up athlete with polished route-running ability and elite ball skills. It's so easy to see how his game translates right away. Harrison would be an instant No. 1 WR for most offenses." He may be the Patriots' No. One possibly, as well, depending on what they do in free agency. Yet, whatever happens there, he'll still be a No. 1 receiver.

Patriots trade their own second-round, fourth, and fifth-round picks to Philadelphia

Trading for more value, the Pats deal their own pick, No. 34, in the second round, along with their fourth (No. 103) and fifth-rounders (No. 135) to the Eagles. In return, they get Philly's two picks in the second round, picks 50 and 53, and the Eagles' fourth-round pick, No. 97, the very first pick in that round.

Round 2: Offensive tackle, Jordan Morgan, Arizona

With the 50th pick, they select offensive left tackle Jordan Morgan from Arizona, a top need for the team. has this to say about Morgan,

"At 6’5″, 325 pounds, Morgan has great size, power, and strength. But at the same time, he’s an elite athlete with impeccable leveraging skills, balance, and bend — and he didn’t lose any mobility in 2023 after returning from an ACL tear."

Round 2: Quarterback, Michael Penix Jr., Washington

Back on the board with the Eagles' 53rd pick, the Pats then get their quarterback, Michael Penix Jr. from Washington. comments about Penix,

"Penix Jr. is the best pure passing quarterback prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft class. He projects as a high-end starting quarterback in a vertical passing offense. Penix Jr.’s arm talent and football IQ are great and translate well to the league. A strong run game to open play-action deep shots is an ideal situation for Penix Jr."

Having filled their three top three positions of need, the Pats add more to their draft haul.

Round Three: Tight end, Ja'Tavion Sanders, Texas

With their own third-rounder, pick No. 68 the Patriots move quickly to shore up another top position on offense, the tight end, and select Ja'Tavion Sanders of Texas. rates him the second-best tight end in the draft behind the incomparable Brock Bowers. 'Nuf said.

Round Four: Offensive tackle, Delmar Glaze, Maryland

With the 97th pick, the first in the fourth round (a de facto additional third-rounder) acquired from the Eagles, the Pats again go to the offensive tackle well and select Maryland tackle/guard, 6'5", 337-pound Delmar Glaze. notes this about Glaze,

"Delmar Glaze is tackle-guard versatile. In pass pro, Glaze is a calculated technician who also showcases a high-level kick-step to take angles away from opponents. He has excellent footwork and is never over his feet nor too upright. Plays with an excellent base combined with strong hands."

A Masterclass of a draft by the New England Patriots

De facto new general manager Eliot Wolf would, at this point, have taken the best wide receiver, if not the best player available in the draft in Marvin Harrison Jr. He'll provide the team with a wide receiver/difference-maker (a first-round pick, no less), not seen here since the retired Julian Edelman and Randy Moss before him.

He would also have added two offensive tackles to shore up that disaster of a position with Morgan and Glaze. And to put the icing on the cake, he'd have drafted the excellent passer the Pats need in Michael Penix Jr. and also provided yet another weapon for him in tight end Sanders.

That's it: a lightning-fast four-round draft that delivers big for the New England Patriots. If Wolf completes such a quality draft, Patriot Nation should be ecstatic. For once in eons, the team will have conducted a professional, consensus draft and knocked the ball clear over the proverbial fence. It would be a grand slam home run draft, A+++. And interestingly, a draft of this ilk is entirely doable.

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