6 questions Patriots need to answer in Week 2

The Patriots came close to knocking off the Eagles in Week 1, but Week 2 doesn't get any easier against the Dolphins' electric offense
New England Patriots, Mac Jones
New England Patriots, Mac Jones / Winslow Townson/GettyImages
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5. Will the Patriots generate a pass rush?

In Week 1, the Patriots were able to sack Jalen Hurts three times, and that's not typically an easy task with how sneaky and mobile he is. But, if you look at Miami's game in Week 1, Tua didn't absorb a single sack. That was a welcomed sight for Dolphins fans whose number one worry going into the season was the health of their quarterback.

If New England wants a shot at slowing down this offense, they'll have to get to Tua a few times. They cannot afford to give Tua more time in the pocket, especially because of the weapons at his disposal.

6. Can Tyreek Hill be stopped, or even contained?

Tyreek Hill said after the game versus the Chargers that he feels like nobody can guard him and, well, it's tough to argue with that sentiment. He ended up with 215 yards receiving on 11 catches, and two of those receptions went for scores.

It's safe to say the Patriots' no. 1 priority going into this game is to contain Hill. He might not be able to be completely stopped, but New England's game plan should be to allow nothing behind them from Hill. Trying to keep him in front of them is going to be as tough as it gets, but if they can do that, then they'll have a chance.