3 quarterbacks Patriots should target (and 2 they should avoid) in 2024

What do Patriots fans want to see done with the quarterback position in 2024? In a couple words: Something different.

New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe
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Target: Drake Maye, 2024 NFL Draft

If the Patriots don't end up trading to acquire Caleb Williams, then again, the next-best option would be going after North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye. Maye is a tall, big, prototypical quarterback at 6-foot-4 and sporting a mobile frame. What he has in addition to being a great passer is the ability to use his legs.

This season, Maye carried the ball for 449 yards and nine touchdowns. Last year, he ran for 698 yards and seven touchdowns. He is a legitimate dual-threat quarterback who can also sling it from the pocket.

When you watch Maye on tape, one thing is abundantly evident, and that's his effortless release. The way he throws the football looks natural, and he has quite the arm. Maye lets it rip down field, but he doesn't look as though he's straining when he does it. It's one of those refreshingly-easy looking releases; a real thing of beauty.

While Williams has pulled a Houdini on many occasions, Maye also has the ability to sense pressure and evade it well. Because of all these traits, there are even some evaluators that like him more so than Williams.