3 quarterbacks Patriots should target (and 2 they should avoid) in 2024

What do Patriots fans want to see done with the quarterback position in 2024? In a couple words: Something different.

New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe
New England Patriots, Bailey Zappe / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Target: Kirk Cousins, 2024 NFL Free Agency

The only free agent option worth pursuing next year, at the quarterback position, is current Minnesota Vikings veteran Kirk Cousins. Earlier in the season, Cousins suffered a torn Achilles. Assuming he'll be ready for next season, he's the best option there is in free agency.

Now, going after a guy like Cousins would also mean that the Patriots think they can contend. That means, they've found upgrades along the offensive line as well as a tried-and-true, no. 1 option at the wide receiver position. It also means they feel good about the defense being a contending unit.

There is no chance Cousins comes to New England if the team hasn't improved and doesn't have a plan in the draft. Let's say New England lures him in with the thought that they'll trade the no. 2 pick in the draft for a haul, go after a legitimate WR1 in the draft while using the rest of the capital to fill in other positions of need.

If he's sold on something like that, then maybe he'll opt to sign with the Patriots. But, at this point in his career, he'll be 36 when next season starts and Cousins is going to want to play for a contender.