New England Patriots possible OL combinations for the 2023 season

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There's much that can change between now and the start of the 2023 season. What could the team's OL look like when the campaign kicks off? The biggest question mark heading into the offseason was the tackle situation. The Pats made some moves to improve this unit, but they weren't anything special.

They signed Calvin Anderson to a two year deal and Riley Reiff to a one year deal. Anderson was a depth piece for the Denver Broncos for a few years and Reiff has been a starting tackle in the NFL for over a decade.

We know how the interior will look, which is good, but how will the left and right tackle spots look? Let's take a look at some combinations.

New England Patriots possible OL combinations for the 2023 season
Brown / Strange / Andrews / Onwenu / Reiff

Right now, this appears to be the starting five. Trent Brown had a rough go at left tackle in 2022, but maybe that could mainly be attributed to the entire offense declining as a whole. Brown is a fine tackle. He's had days where he looks elite and others where he looks totally lost.

I'm not sure if he's better than Reiff, and I believe the better tackle between the two should start at LT. Right now, though, Brown might have the slight edge. There isn't much to talk about with this interior. It'll remain the same as it was last year, with David Andrews and Mike Onwenu being two of the very best at their positions.

Reiff / Strange / Andrews / Onwenu / Brown

The second OL combination is just a simple switch of the two tackles. Brown is naturally a right tackle and has played well at RT during his entire NFL career. Maybe the Pats decide to make this move because they trust Reiff more, as he's had years more experience in the NFL and at left tackle.

Riley Reiff might also be over the hump as a 34 year old tackle, which could be the case. He has most recently played RT in the NFL, so perhaps that's where he'll stick. I think it is a good thing though that both Brown and Reiff have experience playing both tackle spots, because perhaps in a pinch, if something is going wrong, a switch can be made.

Lewan / Strange / Andrews / Onwenu / Reiff

This is another combination I might be able to argue for depending on how the offseason goes. Taylor Lewan is a free agent and has battled injuries two of the last three seasons, but he's still a very talented LT and was at one point one of the very best in the NFL.

What if the Pats aren't satisfied with either Brown or Reiff at LT? What could they do? Well, as of now, they could give Taylor Lewan a call and see what he's up to. The Pro Bowl LT was cut by the Tennessee Titans this offseason as they head towards a rebuild.

Furthermore, the Patriots would in all likelihood start Riley Reiff in this scenario. Cutting Trent Brown would save them a whopping $8 million against their cap space, which could come in very handy. I think I like this OL combination the most, honestly.