4 Patriots players we want to see more of in 2nd preseason game

Could these players have a legitimate role going forward, or will they end up fading?
New England Patriots, Shaun Wade
New England Patriots, Shaun Wade / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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The New England Patriots' first preseason game of the year was mostly forgettable. There weren't many moments that had fans jumping out of their seats or looking forward to the next couple of exhibitions.

But, the Patriots do have two more preseason games to play, and there are some questions on this roster. There are positions up for grabs.

With that said, there are four specific players we want to see a bit more of in the coming preseason games, starting with a guy who seems to finally be coming around.

1. Shaun Wade, CB

Two years ago, the Baltimore Ravens traded Shaun Wade to the Patriots during his rookie season. The Patriots gave up a fifth and seventh-round pick to acquire Wade, but the former Ohio State standout has appeared active in just six games over the last two years.

Now in his third season, Wade has had a fantastic summer. He has been playing both nickel and safety for New England, and has performed well.

Some Patriots fans have joked over the last two years by asking whether or not Wade is a real person, because of how Bill Belichick has treated him. Wade has been mostly an enigma, but appears to finally be breaking out and carving out a role as a backup defensive back.

The Patriots have always had a knack for developing defensive backs, so maybe Wade is just a late bloomer. In any event, we want to see more of him in the team's final two preseason games. He was outstanding at Ohio State, and still has a future in this league.