3 moves Patriots need to make after hiring Jerod Mayo as head coach

Jerod Mayo is the man in charge, so what now?
New England Patriots, Jerod Mayo
New England Patriots, Jerod Mayo / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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3. Trade up and draft Caleb Williams at no. 1

Look, the Patriots shouldn't mess around. You have the ability to go up and get the most highly-touted quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. You have the potential to secure the most important position in football for the next decade.

In short?

Do it.

Once the quarterback position is figured out, then the rest can fall into place. Obviously, free agency takes place before the draft. So, New England has to operate with the mindset that they will wind up drafting Caleb Williams. In other words, the Patriots should make the move to trade up with the Chicago Bears before free agency even begins.

With Williams being such a sought-after prospect, the likely trade return for that pick is going to be three first-round picks. Or, it could be a package centered around two firsts, a big name player, and a few additional Day 2 picks.

If the Patriots plan to take Williams, it will give them an overall vision for what this offseason needs to look like, personnel-wise. Making that trade sooner rather than later is a necessary move. Get it done, and move forward with that plan.