New England Patriots: Mock Draft 2, Pats rock with 5-round offensive extravaganza!

Hold onto your hats, this Pats Mock draft features a massive Patriots' offensive draft outburst!

Notre Dame v Stanford
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Round 5 - TE Brevyn Spann-Ford, Minnesota

The Patriots' last pick in this 5-round mock draft stays true to form as they continue their offensive outburst, this time selecting gargantuan tight end Brevyn Spann-Ford of Minnesota. Spann-Ford isn't a prolific pass-catcher but at 6'7" tall, and 270 pounds, like Wilson, he's a huge target for the next Patriots starting quarterback and will be expected to throw his weight around as a blocker. has this to say about the Golden Gophers' gigantic tight end earlier this year,

"An intriguing talent, this 6-foot-7 towering presence has been a gradually developing presence at Minnesota and will be making the leap to the NFL after a super-senior season and looking to climb the tight end rankings in a gifted class of mismatch players at the position.

"Spann-Ford has a significant ceiling as both a receiving threat and a blocker at the NFL level. With his length and stature, he can be a middle of the field target and contested catch player. As a blocker, his wingspan and raw size makes him a formidable presence to develop and continue to work with. He may face a transition to the pro game, but then again most tight ends do."

That's it; the exciting post-Pittsburgh win version of Mock Draft No. 2. Stay tuned for more Mock drafts as the season transitions from active to the offseason for the now playoff-eliminated Patriots. More will be on the way. But for now, this would qualify as a blockbuster offensive draft for the New England Patriots, would it not?

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