New England Patriots: Mock Draft 2, Pats rock with 5-round offensive extravaganza!

Hold onto your hats, this Pats Mock draft features a massive Patriots' offensive draft outburst!

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Round 3, pick 71: WR Malachi Corley, Western Kentucky

New England Patriots continue the offensive build-up in mid-rounds with skill players

With their second third-round pick, No. 71 acquired from Chicago, the Patriots add wide receiver, Malachi Corley from Western Kentucky. talks about Corley, and has a nice comparison player.

"The last time we saw a receiver like Corley enter the NFL was with Deebo Samuel. Like Samuel, Corley has a lower center of gravity and can break tackles at an incredibly unusual rate for the position. And with the NFL embracing more quick passes, the value of someone like Corley rises.

"Corley blends his strength with impressive acceleration to avoid direct hits and erase pursuit angles. Because of this, Western Kentucky has maximized his number of touches from the slot and on screens. Until the 2023 season, Corley was more of an offensive weapon than a pure receiver."

Round 4 - WR Johnny Wilson, Florida State

In the fourth round, the Pats hammer away at offensive skill positions and draft another wide receiver, Johnny Wilson, from Florida State. calls Wilson "unique," and his size is just that. He's 6'7" tall and weighs 237 pounds. Here's what they had to say earlier this year,

"Wilson’s combination of size and speed shouldn’t be legal. After toiling for two years at Arizona State, the former four-star recruit got a chance to put it on display in Florida State’s offense in 2022. Emerging as a top receiving threat for Jordan Travis, Wilson caught 43 passes for 897 yards and five touchdowns, averaging over 20 yards per catch and earning second-team All-ACC honors."