New England Patriots jolt the NFL with a sparkling 7-round mock draft

New GM Eliot Wolf crushes the draft adding multiple players to revamp his listless offense.

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There it is, the late February 2024, 7-round mock draft geared to one thing: improving the Patriots' lackluster and unproductive offense. Did new de facto GM Eliot Wolf accomplish that in this mock draft? You decide, but the thought here is he did a nice job.

First, he added his quarterback of the future, Jayden Daniels, a multi-faceted quarterback who excels both at throwing and running the ball. For a rebuilding team, the latter skill will be of great value as the pieces are being put in place to dominate once again.

Assisting in all that, Wolf added two big offensive tackles in Tyler Guyton and Blake Fisher to help keep a clean pocket for Daniels and open up running lanes, as well. Belichick totally and inexcusably neglected this position in last year's 12-player draft. Wolf corrects that error of omission in style with two offensive tackles selected in the first four rounds. With these moves, Mr. Wolf demonstrates he "gets" the fact that if you have poor tackles, you have a poor offense. Period.

Then, to further bolster the weak offensive side of the ball, Wolf added a solid wide receiver in Malachi Corley and then two big tight ends in Theo Johnson and Isaac Rex. They provide size and catching ability at a position at which few bodies may even remain on the Pats after free agency.

To sum it all up, this is a solid draft by Wolf and is thankfully bereft of the trades down that were hallmarks of the Belichick era, without adding much additionally at all as a result. The verdict here on this draft is a solid A-/B+ for Wolf. How would you grade it?

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