New England Patriots jolt the NFL with a sparkling 7-round mock draft

New GM Eliot Wolf crushes the draft adding multiple players to revamp his listless offense.
Texas A&M v LSU
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In the sixth round, the Pats go defense selecting a safety, and then a tight end in the seventh

The Patriots finally switch to the defensive side of the ball with their sixth-round pick, No. 181, and select Demani Richardson, a big safety from Texas A&M. With change possibility in the wind at the back of the defense, Richardson provides a big presence as a possible depth piece at 6'0" and 214 pounds. In 2023, he notched 59 total tackles with a sack and a forced fumble.

Never rule out the Patriots in the sixth round. They have a habit there (and in undrafted free agency) of snaring some outstanding players. One notable sixth-rounder who did rather well was a fellow named Tom Brady in 2000; Another was guard Mike Onwenu in 2021. You just never know in the NFL draft.

The Pats complete their 2024 draft in the seventh round with pick No. 228 obtained previously from the Chicago Bears, and they go right back to the tight end well to take another big target, BYU tight end Isaac Rex. The Cougars product stands 6'6" tall and weighs 247 pounds. Rex caught 34 for 342 yards and three touchdowns in 2023.

Rex, when added to fifth-rounder Theo Johnson, presents two huge bookend tight ends to not only provide massive targets for Jayden Daniels but also to move the pile in the running game and give the young QB time to ring up top numbers and leg-out big gainers when necessary. Bigger at the tight end position is usually better (unless your name is Brock Bowers!), and the Patriots need all the help they can get at the position, which is currently one of their weakest.