New England Patriots jolt the NFL with a sparkling 7-round mock draft

New GM Eliot Wolf crushes the draft adding multiple players to revamp his listless offense.
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In the second round, the Patriots shore up another top offensive need.

Eliot Wolf and his team decide to stay true to the course of taking the best available player at positions of need on the Patriots' offense in the second round with their own 34th pick. It's no surprise that they go offensive tackle, and the best available is Tyler Guyton, a massive offensive left tackle from Oklahoma.

The mammoth, 6'7" tall, 327-pound Guyton is exactly what the Patriots will need to replace Trent Brown who's likely heading out of town. describes some of his high points,

"The movement skills are pretty silly for how big, tall and heavy he is. Guyton can quickly drive out the blocks and overtake defenders with how much momentum he's capable of building in short spaces. It's impressive to see him explode into the second level and cut off linebackers just as much as it is to see him stepping down and attacking a 3-technique.

"Guyton’s fluidity throughout his frame is a big plus, as well. You can see the free-moving ability through his hips and core, which allows him to flash and react with grace and respond well when tested with quick penetration or a sharp redirection angle to attempt to cut underneath his block. His mobility here bodes well for power concepts and zone concepts alike in the run game to open his frame and play with power."

Athlon also points out Guyton's relative lack of experience as a possible shortcoming. But it says here that when a likely offensive left tackle has the right length, he's already a long way toward being able to get the job done. Height and length can't be taught. Other aspects of playing the position can.