3 difficult roster decisions Patriots must make before Week 1

Before the season rolls around, what key decisions will the Patriots need to address?
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Does Josh Uche get an extension?

Back in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Patriots selected pass rusher Josh Uche in the second round out of Michigan. To begin his career, Uche would play in just nine games, making one start. That year, Uche played 31 percent of eligible defensive snaps.

The following year, Uche would appear in 12 games and play 30 percent of eligible snaps. Over the first two years, injuries hampered his ability to play full seasons. And, because of that, his effectiveness and development were slowed down.

But then, 2022 happened. Uche saw his snap count rise to 38 percent, which still isn't too high of a number for such a promient draft pick. Yet, Uche finished last season with 11.5 sacks and nine tackles for a loss. Maybe the most impressive number for a guy who played relatively sparingly was the fact that Uche totaled 25 pressures.

Now, entering his fourth season, he is extension eligible. But, the Patriots still haven't made a decision on whether or not to extend Uche. In fact, if you look around, there isn't a ton of talk about it. There's mere speculation by some outlets, but nothing too concrete in terms of what the Patriots are thinking.

It might be better for New England to communicate their intentions on a 'yes' or 'no' before Week 1. If the Patriots do want to extend him, they should do it now before his price goes up. Although, they might want to wait on it, too, to see if he finishes this season healthy.

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