3 backup plans after missing on DeAndre Hopkins

They aren't great, but this is what's left for the Patriots
New England Patriots, Bill Belichick
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3. Julio Jones

Finally, we come to a polarizing name. Julio Jones, in some eyes, is completely washed. His career is over. And, that's not a wrong opinion. But, there were flashes last year of the Jones of old. While he hasn't played a full season in five years, Jones has still shown us that he can be an effective receiver in certain situations.

Of course, his enormous frame and catch radius hasn't gone anywhere. Jones is still a monster of a man, and again, at times last year he proved he still had some speed as well. It's been a rough couple of years between his stints in Tennessee and Tampa Bay, but Jones has not yet called it quits.

Once upon a time, the Patriots took a chance on an aging veteran and 30-year-old Randy Moss caught a ridiculous 23 touchdowns after a year in Oakland that saw him total just three.

Sure, Jones is now 34, but if he's healthy (and that's a big 'if') then he's well-worth bringing into camp. He could be especially useful to the development of Mac Jones if the chemistry ends up being there, and again the common factor here is that Jones would come cheap.

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