New England Patriots 7-round 2024 Mock Draft: Pats gets their QB for Week 1 of 2024

New England fixes its QB1 situation and gets needed offensive line help.

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Fourth and fifth rounds

Javon Bullard. . Round 4. . . . 4. . . 47

The Patriots' cornerbacks in 2023 have just been gross. If the Patriots keep the current group in 2024, next year will also be horrid. The Patriots need speed and versatility at the position. They have neither currently. While Jonathan Jones is graded as the 33rd-best corner in the league, per PFF, after that, the next best corner on the Patriots is Shaun Wade at number 72.

Again, that's gross.

While Javon Bullard will not be among the first cornerbacks off the board during the 2024 NFL draft, he does a lot of things well. Though he is 5'11" and 180 pounds, he can hit and hit hard and was taught how to tackle well at Georgia. He also can play nickel or outside, so he is a three-down corner. New England has to start somewhere with getting better at corner, and Bullard is an excellent place to begin.

. . Blake Corum. . . Round 5. . . 5. 47

Another player, like Williams at pick 2 that I do not think will be around when the mock simulator has them being available, is Corum. The Michigan stand-out is good at many things but great at nothing, but that does not mean he isn't a perfect running back for the Patriots. He is shifty and slithery and creates yards that aren't always there from when he gets the handoff.

Corum does need to work on catching the ball better, and he is a bit short - just 5'8" - so how well he does in pass protection is anyone's guess. Still, he knows how to play in the cold and should fit right in with New England.