New England labeled best landing spot for Patriots' top trade target

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Besides the continuous drama involving Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft this offseason, a few names have been connected to the Patriots and continue to be even after the latest draft. Because the team was expected to make a big trade for a wide receiver, Tee Higgins was the main topic of conversation.

But because no trade happened, and the Patriots actually selected two receivers in the draft, the most debate about Eliot Wolf adding anyone else to the roster has been placed on the back burner.

Despite the belief that the receiving corps still lacks a true WR1, the new regime in Foxboro seems content with who they currently have rostered. Nothing has been mentioned regarding their potential interest in pursuing any other players via trade, which was said to be something they did explore during the draft last month.

The latest rumors from NFL insider Albert Breer claim the Patriots won't be looking to make a trade for any player this offseason, but if a few things change over the next few months, Wolf's mind could change.

Analysts name New England as a great landing spot for Tee Higgins

Regardless of whether Wolf will even entertain the idea, Bleacher Report has named New England as one of the best landing spots for Higgins if the Bengals finally decide to trade him.

Things certainly appear to be trending that way, as the receiver requested another trade leading to the draft due to a lack of discussion about an extension, but nothing has been reported since. It would be in the best interest of the Bengals to deal Higgins sooner than later, if they have no intention of keeping him around long-term, and the Patriots could benefit from getting the trade done.

Zach Bachar of Bleacher Report believes the Patriots are an ideal trade partner due to their large amount of cap space next year and the selection of Drake Maye, who could easily use a player of Higgins' caliber on the offense.

"The Patriots are slated to have roughly $144 million in effective cap space in 2025, the most of any NFL team (per Over the Cap). New England selected its future franchise quarterback with the No. 3 overall pick, adding former North Carolina signal-caller Drake Maye.

While the Patriots drafted wide receiver Ja'Lynn Polk in the second round as well as wideout Javon Baker in the fourth round, they don't have an established receiver such as Higgins on the roster heading into the 2024 season.

With Maye on a rookie contract, New England could continue to build around him by acquiring the Bengals' standout receiver."

It all makes sense on paper, but without knowing how well Polk and Baker will integrate into the offense, it's hard to claim the Patriots need to add a guy like Higgins. Maybe the rookies will prove to be exactly what the team has needed and therefore trading for a trusted veteran won't be necessary.

However, if Wolf and Co. believe trading for a WR1 will be on their radar next year, it's probably better to consider doing it now.

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