Naughty or Nice: Which list do these 7 Patriots belong on?

Who's on the nice list? Who's on the naughty list?
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Mac Jones: Naughty list

It's no secret that Mac Jones' days in New England are likely numbered. With Jones being benched for Bailey Zappe numerous times and with the Patriots being in a prime position to draft one of the top quarterbacks in the draft, it's clear the remainder of his career will not be in New England.

Jones has struggled throughout the season after an impressive start against the Eagles, which has been demonstrated with a total of 12 interceptions to only ten touchdown passes, and, more often than not, he has turned the ball over.

Jalen Mills: Naughty list

When the word production comes up, Jalen Mills would not be named in the sentence unless the sentence says: Jalen Mills' production on the field has gone down this season.

Through the 2023 season so far, Mills has recorded just 32 tackles, one pass defended, and one forced fumble. It's very underwhelming for a veteran defensive back in the NFL.

Bill Belichick: Naughty list

This season hasn't been Belichick's best and that's no secret. The head coach has been consistently criticized for what appears to be an inability to build an offense and his struggles to adapt to today's NFL.

Since Tom Brady's departure, Belichick has been exposed numerous times and has now failed not one but two quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Mac Jones. If the Patriots want to succeed in the future, it must be without Belichick.