Mock Madness: Patriots with trades shock the NFL with an electric 7-round mock draft

New general manager Eliot Wolf stocks up on offensive firepower (aka, weaponizes the offense)
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With the third pick in the 2024 NFL draft the New England Patriots select Jayden Daniels

Here we go, the New England Patriots are on the clock. Here, the new general manager-in-waiting, Eliot Wolf wastes no time in sending the pick up to Commissioner Roger Goodell. It's for the position around whom the whole business revolves, the quarterback, and what a quarterback he chooses.

Wolf selects Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jayden Daniels from LSU. The team's top need is a quarterback. He fills it. The top Pats' pick by Wolf goes to a true, dual-threat, modern-day, NFL-ready quarterback. What's not to like? The draft is already an A+ by Wolf. Eliot is on the move.

Why the jubilation? First, the Patriots need a quarterback desperately. Forget signing any veteran who'll cost too much and just be a stop-gap. You draft a dual-threat guy up high, and he plays. The starting quarterback issue is solved. Then, a clear-out of the whole rest of the room should take place. Trade Mac Jones and if you can Bailey Zappe and start the whole thing over, from scratch.

The value of a dual-threat QB for a rebuilding offense is monumental. First, you're not going to rebuild the whole edifice in one draft, one offseason, or even one year. Not happening. No matter how astute Wolf may (or may not) be, it's unlikely to happen. Note: if the currently last-place Patriots make the playoffs in 2024, then Wolf will deserve the NFL Executive of the Year award. But don't count on it.)

Yet, Daniels is a special player. He provides a unique combination of passing accuracy with a 72.4 percent completion rate for 3812 yards in 2023 with an amazing TD-to-INT ratio. He threw a phenomenal 40 TDs last season with only 4 INTs. Even with the very rudimentary mathematical skills on display here, that seems like an other-worldly 10 - one TD to INT ratio. As former Pats Captain Matthew Slater was wont to say after a victory, "Awwwwwyyyyeaaahhhhh!"

Right, Daniels can sling it. In addition, as a bona fide dual-threat QB, he can also tote the rock on the ground. He gained 1134 yards, with 8.4 yards per carry, with his legs last season and added another 10 TDs to go along with his 40 through the air. If there's anything the 2023 Patriots needed it was touchdowns. Voila! They have a TD-maker in Jayden Daniels.

All-in-all, this is a tailor-made pick for an aspiring GM looking to make a statement, his own statement on a draft, an offseason, and, for a team. He's made it in taking Jayden Daniels. He's a bona fide top-three quarterback. Check. He's an accurate passer who throws for touchdowns and protects the ball. Check. He can run like a running back when the team needs it. Check. He's exactly what the Patriots' offense needs. Check. It's a new direction and emphasis. Check. Home run pick. Next!