Media accuses Patriots of cheating but not the Cowboys for doing the same thing

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Leading up to the Patriots matchup with the Cowboys last week, some in the media chose to create controversy out of thin air and accuse the Patriots of possibly cheating. The suggestion surrounded their recent signing of quarterback Will Grier, who spent the 2021 and 2022 seasons in Dallas and was released once they traded for Trey Lance this past August.

Although the signing was nothing out of the ordinary, especially after the confusing developments between the team and Matt Corral, but because it's the Patriots, it was twisted into some sort of sinister move to gain an advantage over their next opponent.

It got to the point that some claimed the Patriots would be interrogating Grier for intel leading up to the game, even asking Bill O'Brien if he had plans to do so.

It became the latest chapter in the long list of accusations hurled at the organization over the last two decades and had New England won in Dallas, it likely would've grown more legs. But because the Cowboys won pretty easily, the conversation was magically forgotten.

Until now, for Patriots fans, that is.

With the 49ers welcoming the Cowboys to San Francisco for Sunday Night Football this week, it was revealed that newly acquired Lance had met with several personnel during the week to share his knowledge about his former team.

Even though the mere thought of the Patriots doing this was a travesty and unheard of, a week later, it is being spoken about in a normal manner and almost celebrated like it is a smart move. It once again proves the hypocrisy of the NFL media and their uncontrolled bias toward New England.

It's another example of the unfair treatment they have to deal with from the media, even if those on the outside feel it's warranted. The continuous effort to frame the Patriots as cheaters has grown tiresome, but there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.