Matthew Slater reveals brutal truth about playing for the Patriots the last few years

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The post-Tom Brady era was never going to be easy; that was obvious even before the legendary quarterback chose to leave the Patriots.

It was something most didn't want to even imagine because the thought of a Patriots team without the greatest ever to play was too difficult to comprehend, forcing fans to remain in a fantasy state of mind.

And when the time did come, much sooner than most anticipated, the team's future looked bleak. Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham were the only quarterbacks waiting in the wings, and neither appeared to be Brady's successor.

Then came the signing of Cam Newton, a former league MVP who broke several records for his dual-threat abilities during his career. But it was the tail end of his time in the NFL, and the first season without Brady was rough, to say the least.

Since then, the Patriots have drafted their hopeful heir to the quarterback throne, Mac Jones. But that hasn't been a smooth sail, either.

His rookie season in 2021 put some concerns to rest, as he helped lead an offense to the playoffs after missing the postseason the year before. Unfortunately, however, last season was much different and put a lot of focus back on the quarterback position and if the right guy was given the job.

Although it was evident that the past three seasons have not been enjoyable for those on the Patriots team, it wasn't until Matthew Slater spoke to the media earlier this week that we heard actual comments to back up that assumption.

The ten-time Pro Bowler spoke candidly and bluntly about how the team has felt about the lack of success over the last few years, emphasizing that it hasn't been a fun time for anyone, including him.

"We have not enjoyed these past couple of seasons. It hasn't been fun for us. ... I think everybody in that locker room wants to win, but we have to be willing to do what it takes to win."

Despite his comments not being all that shocking, it's uncommon to hear unfavorable words about the team from Slater, of all people.

When he speaks, people listen, and if he reveals these kinds of details about the overall attitude of his teammates, it must have been an absolute disaster in the locker room last season.

But much like some other members of the Patriots, like Mac Jones and Hunter Henry, Slater shared an optimistic viewpoint for the season ahead, especially with Bill O'Brien back in the house.

"I like the direction that we're headed in. I think the buy-in has been tremendous this year, but again it only matters if it translates."

He took it even further, stating that they've "had enough time for excuses over the past couple seasons," exclaiming that "It's time to put up or shut up."

It certainly takes on a more serious tone when Slater says this about the team. And he's 100% right. There aren't any excuses left for the Patriots to use if they are incapable of having a good season this fall.