Matthew Judon reposts controversial tweet criticizing Referees in Patriots game

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

Coming into their Week 15 matchup with the Chiefs, not many people believed the Patriots would leave Gillette Stadium with a win over the reigning Super Bowl Champions. Despite that, though, the game was much closer than anticipated and could have been a lot closer if the offense, in particular, had continued with the momentum they had in the first half throughout the rest of the game.

It was the same story as last week against the Steelers, but their luck didn't run out before the end of the game, allowing them to add the third win to their season.

But the game with the Chiefs had some controversial moments, mainly due to calls or noncalls made by the officials. It's the constant complaint from nearly every fanbase in the league, who tend to vocalize their displeasure with the referees on social media. They did that in this game, too, but then Matthew Judon joined in, as well.

The outspoken and fan-favorite linebacker hasn't been shy with his feelings since arriving in New England. Because he suffered what now appears to be a season-ending injury against the Cowboys earlier this year, he's had to watch his team compete from the comfort of his home instead of on the sidelines.

He didn't like some of what he saw in their matchup with the Chiefs on Sunday, as he shared his belief that the referees were making calls in favor of the Patriots' opponents.

It's not clear what the tweet was in reference to exactly, but some fans were taking guesses at what he could have been reacting to.

One of the most controversial moments was a phantom defensive holding call on Alex Austin in the third quarter, which negated a Jonathan Jones forced fumble by Skyy Moore that Jabrill Peppers recovered. Because of the penalty, the Chiefs continued their drive and eventually scored a field goal.

The other standout moment was a facemask call on Demario Douglas on the Patriots second series, moving the offense back 15 yards and ultimately ending their drive with a missed field goal. They had been moving the ball down the field successfully before the officials threw the flag, an absolute gut punch after they were able to get into the red zone.

But that wasn't the end of Judon's complaints for the game.

There were some other questionable calls made, as there usually are, which still didn't sit right with the 4-time Pro Bowler. It frustrated him so much that he reposted a photoshopped meme of Patrick Mahomes and an NFL referee engaging in a kiss, which is meant to imply the officials were calling plays to benefit the Chiefs throughout the game.

The post received interesting reactions from fans of both teams, with Patriots fans agreeing and enjoying the meme and Chiefs fans taking issue with the insinuation that their win was earned unfairly.

It's a position that the Patriots became used to during the dynasty years since they were constantly accused of paying the referees to make calls in their favor. And now that the Chiefs are incredibly successful, they're receiving the same treatment.

Whether the calls made were right or wrong, Judon's reaction proves even more that NFL players are just like the fans and will share their feelings accordingly. It's the blessing and the curse of social media, but fortunately for Judon, he seems to have gained some more fans with this tweet.

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