Matthew Judon tries using recruiting magic again to lure top free agent to Patriots

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

As the DeAndre Hopkins news has quieted down recently, Matthew Judon picked up where he left off with his recruiting game to lure the free-agent receiver to New England.

This isn't new for Judon, who has continuously tried to work his magic to bring some of the top available talents to his team. Although his efforts have not seemed to work thus far, his dedication to recruiting and his love for the Patriots is certainly admirable.

The New England sack leader took to Instagram this time, commenting on one of Hopkins' latest posts, jokingly claiming to have seen a Patriots logo in the background of the video.

Hopkins replied with laughing emojis, which could be interpreted in the Patriots' favor.

Instead of ignoring the comment or even shooting it down, he took the time to respond and join in on the fun Judon was having on his post.

It obviously likely means absolutely nothing, but with all the rumors and speculation that have gone on regarding Hopkins' potential to land with the Patriots, it's difficult not to get excited about little things like this, no matter how unserious they are.

Multiple reports have indicated that he is in no rush to sign with a new team, mainly due to his lack of desire to participate in training camp or any extra practices. But the Patriots' interest in him has been inconsistent over the past week, making it unclear if they really will be pursuing him at all for the 2023 season.


We know the clear connection Belichick and Hopkins have, and the attempts the coach has made in the past to acquire him, but some reports have stated that not all Patriots' staff are on board with signing the (almost) 31-year-old, feeling he's not as impactful of a player he once was. Whether or not there's truth to that is unclear, and any move to sign Hopkins will probably not happen for the next few weeks.

No matter what happens, however, it's still fun to see a guy like Judon continue trying to persuade players to sign with the Patriots.